Jordan Berg - Composer

'Dharamsala' performed by the West European Symphony orchestra in Lisbon, Portugal 2015.

Re-score for a scene from the Bourne Ultimatum - composed and recorded in New York at the NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in Memory of Buddy Baker 2016.

'The Drop' performed by live orchestra at the University of Cincinnati CCM Film Scoring Institute 2015. 

Scene from Nosferatu with alternate music. I composed this while taking lessons with Grammy and Emmy nominated composer Ryan Shore.

'O Enigma de Outro Mundo' dedicated to director John Carpenter. I composed this at the University of Lethbridge while studying with Dr. Arlan Schultz without whom this piece would not exist.

Cutscene from Aeon Flux with all sound and music replaced by me for Berklee College of Music Film Scoring class.